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c_l_a_i_m_s's Journal

c_l_a_i_m_s; a claiming community
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Mainted by nolongercare

- First of all; You can claim anything EXCEPT for people's body parts.
- The first 20 members get 5 claims. After that, you only get two.
- Only two claims per journal.
- You must remain a member of the community if you want to keep your claims.
- You can share claims, but only if the first person to make the claim wants to share, so you'll have to figure out a way to ask them before making the claim. (Tip; It would be helpful if you said in your post what you're willing to share and not share.)
- Only three people can share claims that are shared.
- Maintainers get 15 claims (hey, its our community) and their friends get 10 claims, but they can only chose five of those claims to not share. You have to have permission from the maintainers before you can make 10 claims.
- You must link to the community in your userinfo. I will check this before I add your claim to the list, so do it right after you make your post in the community journal. (EX: I claimed Joel Madden @ c_l_a_i_m_s)
- And the obvious stuff like don't be rude to other members, don't be rude to the mod, etc etc.
- Do not advertise other communities in this community.

Can't Be Shared;
Amy Lee - clumsy_
25 To Life by Mest - clumsy_
Billy Martin - clumsy_
Boys Of Summer by The Ataris - clumsy_
Chance Of A Lifetime by Mest - nolongercare
Ed Harcourt - jetsetter
Faint by Linkin Park - clumsy_
Finch - clumsy_
Good Charlotte - nolongercare & clumsy_
Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional - nolongercare
Hold On by Good Charlotte - clumsy_
Joel Madden - nolongercare
Mest - nolongercare & clumsy_
Mo Rocca - jetsetter
Motovation Proclamation by Good Charlotte - clusmy_
Movin On by Good Charlotte - nolongercare
Sondre Lerche - jetsetter
Volcano by Damien Rice - jetsetter

Can Be Shared;
Chuck Comeau - nolongercare
clumsy_ - nolongercare
Finland - jetsetter
get_nastay - nolongercare
Hilary Duff - nolongercare
itwaslove - jetsetter
jetsetter - nolongercare
Keira Knightley - jetsetter
kelll - jetsetter
Matt Lovato - nolongercare
Michael Ian Black - jetsetter
Natalie Portman - nolongercare
nolongercare - jetsetter
The Starting Line - nolongercare
Weezer - nolongercare

(last updated @ 8:45pm on September 05, 2003)